The Blackbirds Tell Stories

Nancy Powell

"The poems create a fascinating world, animated by personification, synesthesia and metaphor, which suggest mystery, the telling of stories which admit that something is still hidden, and images difficult to visualize, yet unquestionably real. Appropriately, water, in all its forms – ocean, river, creek, snow, steam – with all its simultaneous openness and secrecy, treachery and friendliness, necessity and danger, flows among the poems, sometimes as a character in itself. The water, in these poems, often symbolizes the spirit and emotion, acting as an agent of understanding or healing. Reading this book is a journey through the beauty of observation, comprehension, acceptance, patience and the serenity of a life which embraces the world with gentleness. It is a journey well worth taking."

- From the foreword by Patsy Anne Bickerstaff


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