Meet the Editors

Update 2 June 2020

In 2006, two Hampton Roads poets, Jeff Hewitt and Robert P Arthur, along with Gray Arthur and Hannah Kathryn Arthur, founded San Francisco Bay Press to support and provide a platform for poets across the country and world. With Robert Arthur’s editorial expertise and Jeff Hewitt’s stunning covers, creative formatting, and technical knowledge, over the last 14 years San Francisco Bay Press has published over 40 books of poetry, prose, and memoirs.

On February 27th of this year, 2020, Jeff Hewitt was killed in a motorcycle accident just blocks from his home. Not only was Jeff a maven of the publishing world, he was a political activist, photographer, graphic designer, brilliant poet, innovative musician, journalist, loving father, and a wonderful friend to all who knew him. He was also the President of the Poetry Society of Virginia.

We are now left without our dear, talented friend, the heart of the community and co-creator of San Francisco Bay Press. As months go by, we will piece together what we can and we will continue in our mission to publish talented poets not only in the Hampton Roads area but nationwide and throughout the world. Please join us in that mission. We will honor all previous commitments, so let us know of any that we haven’t yet discovered. We hope that those who publish with us will continue to do so.

Oliver Hewitt, an outstanding poet in their own right, and current Poet Laureate of Granby High School will hopefully join us soon in our endeavor to carry on their father's legacy.

Gray and Robert P Arthur

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