Submissions are closed for our Winter Issue..

We are hard at work choosing pieces for our next issue. If you submitted a piece for this issue, we'll be in touch soon to let you know the status of your submission.

We highly recommend that you read our Journal before submitting, to get the best sense of the kind of work we are likely to publish. Check back soon to find out when submissions will re-open for our Spring Issue!

Important note regarding Contributor Copies

We at San Francisco Bay Press work hard to provide a quality journal and believe in providing a top notch home for your work.

We have struggled mightily with our policy concerning free contributor copies. In the current economic climate, it is quite simply not financially feasible for a small press to give out free copies to contributors - however much we'd like to do so. This was a hard decision to come to but the fact of the matter is that we incurred a $1200 loss on our first issue as a direct result of the policy of giving away 2 free copies to each of our contributors. Were we to attempt to continue giving hard copies of the magazine out it would result in the the eventual closing of our doors.

For our second issue we instituted a policy of providing hard copies at 50% off of the cover price. Many of you told us in no uncertain terms that you were unhappy with this. We heard you. So here's what we've come up with:

Issue Three of Lady Jane's will be available for sale in both hard copy and for the first time: digital ebook form viewable on your computer or e-reader. Hard copies will continue to be provided at a 50% discount off the cover price for as many copies as you might choose to purchase. This allows us to basically break even on the costs of producing and printing these copies. Contributors will now be given the option of downloading the magazine in ebook form at no cost.

Someday, when we reach a point at which sales of the magazine are robust enough to support free contributor copies without pushing us into the poorhouse we will return to providing free copies. We look forward to this day, and ask that you continue to spread the word of Lady Jane to help make this happen again.

~ With admiration and appreciation,

Jeff Hewitt
Editor in Chief
Lady Jane's Miscellany

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