Laura Madeline Wiseman

"Laura Madeline Wiseman confronts taboos that have long preoccupied the human imagination in Sprung, her sexy and volatile debut collection of poetry. With razor-sharp wit, Wiseman places the body at center stage and examines its inextricable ties to systems of identity and power. In Wiseman’s Sprung, nothing is sacred, and no one is safe." - Hadara Bar-Nadav, Author of A Glass of Milk to Kiss Goodnight and The Frame Called Ruin

We are proud to announce publication of Laura Madeline Wiseman's stunning new collection of poetry. Ms. Wiseman has a doctorate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she teaches English. She is the author of several chapbooks, including the recent collections She Who Loves Her Father (Dancing Girl Press, 2012), Branding Girls (Finishing Line Press, 2011), Ghost Girl (Pudding House Publications, 2010), and My Imaginary (Dancing Girl Press, 2010). You can watch video of her readings from this collection and others at www.lauramadelinewiseman.com


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