Domestic Apparition

Meg Tuite

“In Domestic Apparition, Meg Tuite’s narrator opens the lid on a shoebox full of anonymous women–and reveals a trainwreck of Americana both familiar and fragmented from the forbidden lesbians and catholic school drama of the late 1960’s, maturing into a haunted and cynical adulthood. Tuite’s narrator is the clever camera eye that sees all, orbiting eclectic brothers, sisters, nuns, college roomates, corporate bosses and suicidal aunts with wonder, empathy and morbid fascination." ~ Nancy Stohlman

We are excited to announce the publication of Meg Tuites fiction! Meg's writing has appeared or is forthcoming in over 50 magazines, journals and presses including 34th Parallel, One, the Journal, Hawaii Review, the Berkeley Fiction Review and Boston Literary Magazine. She is the fiction editor of The Santa Fe Literary Review and Connotation Press: An Online Artifact. She has a monthly column “Exquisite Quartet” at Used Furniture Review. She lives in Santa Fe, NM with her husband and a menagerie of pets. Check out her blog.


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